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Gallery Introduction

Off-road racing is one of the most demanding motorsports on equipment. Everything is tested to the limits and beyond. No team would survive without the valuable assistance of our sponsors who all play an important role in preparing a competitive team. Over the years Mongo Racing has amassed a large collection of photos during various races. We urge you to take a look at a selection of these photographs on the following pages.

Sponsors Graphic




2014 BiTD BWRC

2012 BiTD General Tires "Mint 400"

2012 BiTD Silver State "300"

2012 BiTD General Tires "Vegas to Reno"

2012 BiTD "BWRC Desert Challenge"

2011 Bitd General Tires "Mint 400"

2009 Race Gallery

2008 Baja 100

Baja 1000 Raptor

2007 Terrible's "Town 250"

2006 BiTD "Vegas 300"

Old Iron


2014 Bluewater Desert Challenge


2013 Mongo Racing BiTD Series Season Highlight Video. Randy Merritt and crew race
for the championship in the 7281.